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Sixth form badminton

Our last badminton game before summer break!

It was a sad moment saying goodbye to some of our Upper 6th students, Peter, Davis, Alan, Vincent and Ngoman. We got together one last time this year for a badminton game and, despite having to play in a warm hall, we finished on high.

Thanks to Davis in particular, who has supported and represented the school badminton club from the start of Lower 6th. Thank you also to Peter and Ngoman who, along with Davis, have promoted and organised the holiday badminton sessions too. Without them, we wouldn’t have had a good mix of players.

Moving on, we have some great players for next year as you can see by the young faces. Karina in particular has made huge progress since she has started, keeping the shuttle low in play therefore avoiding an attacking return.

In addition to this, we have Ray who has developed his “flick” serve which often catches people off guard. Finally, we have Aaron, Ping Ping and Harold who act as young mentors to the club in order promote confidence amongst the newer players. Hopefully, post COVID, we can put our skills to the test against other badminton teams.

Posted on: June 17, 2021

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