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Kings Chester v Ruthin Football Match

Having not played against Kings for a few years, Ruthin did not know what to expect, and with a squad of just 12 players (including Chris in F3 for the first time), the odds were stacked against them.  However, morale was lifted after seeing the pitch, which was immaculate!
From the off, the game was end to end, both teams looking dangerous. However, Kings played a passing game of football which caused Ruthin many problems.  Kings attacked well on multiple occasions, but some hard tackles from Richard and Nathan prevented them creating too many chances. Despite this, on the one occasion that Kings managed to put a ball across goal, a striker was there to put it away. This buoyed Kings and threatened to dent Ruthin's morale, but both teams  hung on until half time, thanks to hard defending from the back four, as well as some good saves by Louis.
It seemed that it would take a miracle to break Kings down twice for the lead, but this opportunity arrived in the form of Chris. On his first appearance (replacing Nikita), he maintained a confidence on the ball which generated more positive play from Ruthin in general, allowing the team to progress. Long balls from George were met with the pace of Ianto and Mikita, who were in turn supported by Gerald and Iestyn. The system forced Kings to resort to fouls, giving Ruthin chances of set pieces. With not much time left, one finally paid off with Ianto scoring a scrappy goal. Ruthin could not be complacent though, knowing they needed another for the win. They continued with their well worked system  which, with 7 minutes left,  allowed Ianto to latch onto a ball and pass across to Mikita, who finished well.
Now in the lead, Ruthin were forced back by some desperate attacking from Kings. With 30 seconds left, Kings got a free kick. Every player, including the Kings goalkeeper, waited in Ruthin's box. The ball was passed and a Kings player had a free shot on goal. Everyone was frozen as the ball floated towards the Ruthin goal, before glancing off the post. The whistle was blown; Ruthin had held on for the win!
Man of the Match : The Team
Report by Arun

Posted on: February 26, 2015