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Incredible Team Performance

Ruthin went into the game a man down, with the first goalkeeper, Louis P, out with a cold! Both the reserves were also unavailable, meaning Mikita M had to step up and fill the #1 shirt.

Ruthin did not let their setbacks affect them though. Sam J led from the front, netting his hat trick before halftime. Aided by a superb defence, with George J winning everything in the air, Alex E and Richard J putting in crunching tackles and George J ‘motivating’ the troops. In midfield, Gerald E and Robin P drove through the opposition, and Ianto A and Arun T made dangerous runs down the wings. Yidi Z weaved through Shrewsbury’s defence and made some crucial passes.
The second half was harder. Fatigue set in for some and the wind was against us. Once again the defence team worked well. Ahmed B, Chetachi and Nikita C came on with fresh legs and secured the victory.
An incredible team performance – every player put 100% in and supported each other. It was also the first game in the new Barcelona-esque Nike kit. It is safe to say that it’s been earned.
By Arun Thiru

Posted on: October 9, 2013