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Iceland Day 2 – Teachers on the edge

The exceptional day started with a journey to Pingvellir (Parliament Plaines), the location of the old parliament and a geological phenomenon. Here we walked along a rift at the point of separation of the Eurasian and North American Plates – site  of the youngest rocks in the world.  From here we drove to the geyser geothermal area and witnessed the power of the geyser rising 25 metres. After lunch it was onto  Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfall.  This was an awesome experience, words cannot describe the sheer power of both the glacial waterfall and winds of hurricane force propelling us along with a vicious wind chill factor.  On the journey to the geothermal plant we stopped at a perfect old volcanic crater Kerid.  Climbing over the hills the weather worsened with snow falling; we descended to the  Hellisheioi geothermal power plant where we were given a presentation on Iceland’s energy supply – 100%  from renewable sources! On our return from a splendid meal we passed the location of the famous meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev. A truly stimulating day both visually and mentally.

John Rowlands


Posted on: March 23, 2010