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Geography Field Trip


Written by Uliana  Tsygankova
As rivers are so important in changing our landscape they are a good feature to study in the field. The aim of our fieldwork enquiry is to find out the changes of characteristics of the river Clwyd.
Before we went we checked the forecast,  asked permission,  made sure we were wearing wellies and water proof jacket, prepared all the techniques and made a plan of our trip.
Both teams were measuring the velocity but using different methods: cork method and flow-vane method. The weather was sunny, but freezing. We looked at V-slope valley, shallow water and boulders, it was upper – course of the river. It was fine, but Gordon had a water in his welly!
We also were measuring velocity and but of the meander. So the velocity was greater outside of meander. It was a middle course of the river. We were taking readings by ourselves. The channel was wide, the bed load of the river is less angular, velocity increases. We had another accident – Hazel fell into the river!
In the park in Ruthin Mr Rimmer showed us undercutting of meander and oxbow lake. It was the end of our fieldwork. Everything was good as Harry’s mother made delicious cakes.…thanks for this experience!

Posted on: November 8, 2012