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GCSE Results 2018 – our best results ever!

In every statistic where we measure performance, our GCSE students outperformed all previous cohorts.

42 students sat GCSEs and we saw a very large increase in the percentage of top grades achieved. The percentage of A* increased from 28.9% to 43.8%

A number of students did particularly well, with 30 gaining more than 5 A* and A grades.

The 10 top students were:

Caleb (11 A*)
Felice (11 A*)
Ellie (10 A* 1 B)
Hannah (9 A* 2 A)
Reuben (9 A* 1 A)
Hank (9 A*)
Nora (9 A*)
Edward (9 A*)
Monica (9 A*)
Miranda (8 A*)

Principal, Toby Belfield, said “This leap in our academic performance at GCSE is down to the hard work of the teachers and the structures that we have in place to focus on high quality academic education. Our testing regime, with 4 hours of formal tests each Saturday morning (for all GCSE and Sixth Form students), means that students can have immediate intervention when they do not understand some part of their curriculum. Our support/tutorial system has helped students that might normally achieve a B grade, actually gain an A or higher. With clear rules and guidance, alongside high quality teaching, students at Ruthin School can truly excel.

I was not expecting these results to be this outstanding, and I am personally delighted that the students have done so well. Opportunities are now open for them, for study at Ruthin School, where they can look forward to entry to a top ranking university.”

Well done to all pupils for working hard to achieve outstanding success.

Posted on: August 23, 2018

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