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Form 4 Geography Field Trip

On Wednesday 9th May all of Form 4 ventured out to Chester to collect their data for their GCSE Geography coursework. When Mr Rimmer initially booked the trip he didn’t check that it was Race Day! However, the pupils discovered to their amusement what the races mean to Chester first hand, (with Laina wondering why so many people were dressed up for a wedding!) although it did make pedestrian counts slightly trickier to conduct! Pupils were exceptionally well behaved and conducted their questionnaires very well, approaching any unsuspecting person who happened to be having a quite few minutes sitting down. But as usual, as Mrs Kenworthy was part of the trip it rained! This did not put the pupils off, who managed to collect all their land use maps and transect. All of the pupils collected all of their data and were very courteous to all members of the public to whom they spoke to. Well done.


Posted on: May 11, 2012