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Form 2 Geography Trip

It was guaranteed to rain since Mrs Kenworthy organised the field work visit to Bryn Alyn. And rain it did for the whole visit, the rain did not only come down vertically but it was also horizontal at times. The Form 2 group were excellent and did not let the rain get them down. Eluned and Francine were soaked through, all in the name of fashion (Coats are not cool). Ed not only had his own work to carryout but he was in control of Mr Rimmer’s dog Billy. Arun also looked after Frankie a smaller dog. The field work on weathering was very apt and the group got the opportunity to see Physical, Biological and Chemical weathering taking place on the limestone hills. Rich used the Biological weathering to his advantage by sheltering from the rain. The field work was completed with the obligatory picnic and a talk of what we had seen.


Posted on: April 25, 2012