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Football v Wrekin College

Having lost at home to Wrekin, Ruthin were in for a tough game, particularly after a bumpy ride in the bus to Shropshire! Things seemed no better after it was decided that Ruthin would start downwind of what seemed like a gale force wind! However Ruthin knew that while attacking would be difficult, if they could hold on until halftime, they would have the upper hand with the wind behind them. The tactics of a high line worked well allowing any through balls to run quickly through to Louis in goal. It did mean that it was very much a defenders game, putting pressure on the back four. However, they responded excellently to the pressure and held off Wrekin; Rich and Nathan remaining solid, Jace making good clearances and Arun acting as an outlet for the midfield, allowing Ruthin to remain threatening, with George holding the midfield and Gerald driving forward. Despite some strong attacks, Wrekin were held off until the break and the second half began 0-0.
With Chris coming on for Nikita, Ruthin began the second half much more positively. However, the conditions were never ideal and the attackers found it difficult to play to their strengths. However they did their best to contribute; Mikita dropping deeper to help out in midfield and Ianto trying to use his pace on the break. Pressure remained very much on the defenders though, but they were in form and very ready for the challenge, preventing Wrekin from taking any meaningful shots on goal. Aside from a single incident between Mikita and a Wrekin defendeder, the game remained clean, though unfruitful in terms of goals. However both teams did well considering the conditions. Full time: 0-0. Man of the match went to Arun for positive play at left back, denying chances while generating attacks in return

Posted on: March 18, 2015