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Football v St David’s College

Football Report St David’s College V Ruthin U18
Having not played at St David’s for 3 years, only a select few knew what to expect. Nothing could have prepared them for the sloped pitch with uncut, patchy grass.  Nevertheless, Ruthin went into the first game of the year strongly, the team coming together to force pressure onto the home side. Despite some dangerous attacks, Ruthin defended well and with George and John dominating midfield, were always threatening on the attack. After some great chances, Ruthin finally converted through Layide, powering through the middle and slotting home to put his team ahead. There was also excellent attacking on the wings by Chris and Tom, with Chris on the left comfortably having the beating of defenders three years older than him! His composure on the ball was rewarded with a Messi-esque goal, beating three defenders and finishing well; no doubt the first goal of many for the team! However, despite some defensive disarray, St. David’s continued to press hard, Ruthin struggling to contain the attacks. Their persistence eventually paid off with a goal, which spurred Ruthin onto better play. The rustiness was shaken off and the team gelled together again, allowing Layide to grab a second goal to put Ruthin two goals ahead at half time.
The change in sides resulted in a low sun preventing Ruthin's defence from seeing the ball at times, leading to inevitable difficulties as St. David’s pushed four players up to try and regain something from the game. Osian, Iestyn Arun and Nathan worked hard to fend off attack after attack. This led to Nathan seriously injuring his ankle during a clearance, forcing changes to the team – a bit of déjà vu for the team that played against Shrewsbury last year! Samuel made his debut at right back, John dropping back into the defence with Mikita falling into midfield, Ohm filling the spot up front. The team played on, but the break in play did not help Ruthin's focus, St. David’s capitalising on the collective drop in performance twice, eventually equalising. Final score was 3-3 – a game that showed Ruthin's potential (despite the New Year rustiness), provided they don't give the game away late on!
Christopher Liu was man of the match due to his first half performance.
Written by Arun

Posted on: January 25, 2016

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