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Football v Concord

Ruthin went into their final game of the year with high expectations.  Having won away from home, we fully expected to repeat the result, particularly after some intensive football coaching in Madrid.

Ruthin asserted themselves very quickly, with Olayide scoring his first goal within minutes.   We remained focused and Concord were on the ropes, under pressure, continually having to defend Chris and Jace on the wings, as well as Olayide and Mikita through the middle. They could not defend every threat though, and we took advantage through Olayide again to double the advantage.

However, Ruthin made the fatal flaw of losing focus. Having started the game so well, we began to sit back; exactly what our Manager told us not to do! Concord was allowed back into the game with long balls finding their way into our area for Concord to finish. Concord nearly took the lead with the final attack of the game, where the last defender between the attacker and goal (Arun) was forced to commit a foul, giving Concord a penalty. However, a good save from Finlay saw the first half out – Ruthin’s hard earned advantage cancelled out by pure lack of concentration.

The second half began with renewed focus from Ruthin following a severe talk from Mr. Rimmer. The midfield was dominated by George with his passes a constant threat while he continued to shield the defence too.   We earned a penalty and Olayide took it perfectly into the bottom corner off the post.  We then began to defend our lead slightly better, winning more in the air through Osian, George and Arun, while John and Iestyn did an excellent job handling the Concord attackers. However, with not long left on the clock, we became more defensive minded allowing Concord a reprieve from the pressure and enabling them to attack hard.  There were numerous dangerous moments.   Arun often forced into taking on two attackers, but the attacks could not be held off forever. Concord scored.

All in all, an uninspired end to the year, with a hard lesson to learn for all of the team.   George was awarded man of the match for giving his all in midfield, attacking and defending.  Final Score 3 – 3

Posted on: April 14, 2016

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