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Football match v Shrewsbury

Without a win to their name so far this year, Ruthin had to pull out the stops to defeat a much improved Shrewsbury side. However, the team performed admirably with 100% effort becoming expected!
Initially, Ruthin dominated. Committed centre backs Nathan and Rich kept Shrewsbury's strikers at bay giving the midfield a chance to control the game. This high pressure style paid off when the Shrewsbury keeper was forced into an error by Mikita, who finished well.

However, Ruthin almost fell into a trap of complacency with Shrewsbury having multiple chances to equalise, just held at bay by Louis in goal and some committed defending. With some encouragement Ruthin got back their game heads and were much more forceful towards the half time whistle, putting Shrewsbury on the back foot again.

The second half began shakily with Shrewsbury winning possession within ten seconds and pressing hard. However they were kept to long range shooting with some hard tackles from Arun and Abalay with George doing an excellent job sweeping.

Ruthin were then able to focus on the attack. The wingers made many dangerous runs giving support to the strikers. This resulted in a cross being smoothly slotted by Mikita to earn his brace. This was a very well worked goal showing the kind of football Ruthin can play.
Substitutes were used effectively. Cheta and Tom needed stamina to fuel their fluid positions and Iestyn was a presence up front, hassling the Shrewsbury defence effectively.

A moment of indecision allowed Shrewsbury to take back a goal, but that merely spurred Ruthin back into action. Shrewsbury never got another shot on target and Ruthin held on comfortably for the win. It was relief for the team who had started shakily but have now started to play together effectively.

Posted on: October 17, 2014

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