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Football Match v Concord College

Having won a very close game against Concord College over a year ago, Ruthin knew that having lost some key players over the holiday, the game would be a tough one. However, the return of Ianto and Alex buoyed the team on to a positive start. The game was scrappy at times, though Ruthin were consistent in retaining an advantage, with threatening attacks through the centre (thanks to the midfield being dominated by George and Gerald), and via the wings with some excellent crosses from Alex. The strikers were on point, Mikita often holding the ball and releasing Ianto's pace. However, Ruthin failed to convert the superior play into shots, allowing Concord to come forward and if it was not for Louis making a fantastic save, Concord could have gone in with an undeserved lead.

The second half began 0-0, but immediately it was evident that Ruthin had lost some of their tempo. Some costly mistakes allowed the Concord striker to cut inside and shoot, beating Louis to find the back of the net. However, yet again a goal against Ruthin was the incentive to find form again. Substitutes were also made; Abdullah replacing Ianto and Iestyn coming on for Nikita.

From the off Ruthin got into top gear and pressured Concord’s back line, the football being played was back to the heights of the first half. The defence became more ruthless, with some crunching tackles from Nathan and Rich proving decisive. This allowed the entire team to press forward, Arun and Jace supporting the midfield well. However the needed goal still eluded them until ten minutes from the whistle. The intense pressure forced Concord into sloppy defending, giving Ruthin a free kick. Alex took it, delivering a sublime ball to the back post, where George rose and headed the ball past the keeper into the net.
Momentum was with Ruthin, who strived for the winner. Twice Abdullah was called offside in a near certain goal scoring position; both in dubious circumstances thanks to a call from the Concord manager. Despite the all-out attack, Concord held on for the draw. Final score: 1-1

Man of the match was a split decision between Rich (with some great supporting play and some decisive challenges) and George (for a collective defensive role combined and a vital goal).
Report by Arun

Posted on: February 11, 2015

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