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Football match against Concord College

With our goalkeeper off ill and no substitute in line to replace him, it was down to Mikita to fill Louis' boots in goal. This meant Ruthin were at a huge disadvantage without their first keeper and striker. However, the team battled well in the first half and deserved to lead through excellent forward play, but resolute Concord defended well and scored the first goal.  On several occasions, dubious decisions from the referee prevented Ruthin from replying. Penalty, back pass and free kick shouts were ignored, allowing Concord to hold the visitors back.
This dented morale, and in the second half this became apparent. Concord played well to capitalise on mistakes and dominated the game. It was not until in the late game that Ruthin began to fight back, with Ianto chipping the keeper to score Ruthin's first. Ruthin sustained pressure on the Concord goal with George, Ianto and Gerald all going close. Despite a promising fight back, it was too little too late for Ruthin and Concord won the game. An unsatisfactory end to an otherwise impressive season. The young team has a promising future ahead of them with debuts this season for Iestyn, Christopher and Abdullah.  Final score Ruthin 1 – Concord 4.  Man of the Match – Nathan Butler

Written by Arun

Posted on: March 31, 2015