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Fairtrade Speaker Visits Ruthin School

On Friday 2nd March, Ann Gannon, a Fairtrade speaker came to Ruthin School to speak to Forms 4, 5 and a small number of EAL students. Ann spoke passionately about Fairtrade and how the small things we do, really make a difference to those in the developing world.
She talked about how child labour and a lack of education stop children and families from developing and progressing. Everyday items we take for granted, like clean water are now possible in villages due to the work of Fairtrade.
Local communities can now invest in projects such as fencing farm land to prevent crocodiles harming children at the river’s edge. Education can help reduce child poverty as well as the building of community centres. Doctors can treat sick patients and farmers now have the water to grow crops, reducing the number of malnourished children.
By spending a little more in the shops and making the choice to buy fair-trade, farmers around the world are benefiting enormously in a better quality and standard of life and living.

Posted on: March 6, 2012

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