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Everton Trip

Ruthin School pupils set off on an adventure to Goodison Park last week on the 1st of November. We set off early in the morning, 9ish really. We weren’t heading to Goodison Park – first we were going to Finch Farm, the official training ground of the Everton first team and the academy! You wouldn’t believe who we saw when we arrived! Roberto Martinez was on his way out, but happily climbed out of his Mercedes to take a selfie with all of the pupils, including the teachers of Ruthin School. That experience was great, and I was over the moon because my stepfather supports Everton. I don’t, yet I was the one taking a selfie with the Everton manager! During the tour of Finch Farm we saw two astro-turfs. One massive astro was inside and we were allowed to play on it for a while. It was really fun playing football where the Everton squad train! We went to the manager’s office as well, and when we were standing on the balcony we saw such players as Tim Howard and Romelu Lukaku get into their cars and leave. The cars they had were the cars you dream of having; they were awesome! We were also shown the medics room, a swimming pool and hot-tub, a gym, the cafeteria where they had really comfy leather chairs. I’m not sure whether you were allowed to sit on them, but a few older kids and I did. They were great! And last of all they had outdoor pitches, and small pitches, only like twenty by ten metres in size. Alex Murphy suggested getting one for school – fingers crossed because they looked really cool to play on. When we looked inside one of the professional changing rooms, a player was getting changed but unfortunately I didn’t know his name. We had a peek in some of the open lockers and one player – I thought it was Lukaku’s – had around twenty pairs of boots; half of them were the same! Sadly, after having a look in there we had to go, but at least we were going to watch the match now. We arrived. Mr Rimmer handed out tickets as we got back from getting food at the nearby food stalls. We hurried to get inside; I grabbed a hotdog inside and made my way to my seat. The match began. If you wish to find out about the match – although the title here gives you a clue! – go onto YouTube. I’d say that was definitely the best trip I’ve ever had with school. I’ve been on hundreds of trips, but that was probably the best. Not long until the Madrid trip now!!!!!! Josh High

Posted on: November 13, 2015