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Estyn Inspection – 2019

Today, Estyn published the report relating to the full government inspection that took place in February, earlier this year.

A summary of the findings (found on Page 3 of the report) reads as follows:

“Pupils at Ruthin School achieve outstanding outcomes in public examinations at the end of key stage 4 and in the sixth form. Across the school, pupils display extremely positive attitudes to their learning and high levels of wellbeing.

Across the school, teaching and assessment have a positive impact on outcomes for pupils. Where teaching is most effective, teachers have high expectations of pupils and challenge them adeptly to achieve their best. They use a wide range of teaching methods and activities flexibly to capture pupils’ interests and to motivate them.

The school is a cohesive community that provides beneficial support and guidance for its pupils. Teachers offer valuable help within and beyond the classroom to meet pupils’ individual needs effectively.

The principal provides astute and assured leadership. Together with the council of management, he sets a clear strategic vision and mission, provides firm direction and promotes high expectations for all areas of the school’s work.

The school meets all of the Independent School Standards (Wales) Regulations 2003.”

Our local media has printed a positive article, having received the full report earlier today:

Click here for the newspaper article.

A copy of the full report can be found by visiting the Estyn Website (Click here for the full Estyn Inspection Report)

Toby Belfield, Principal, commented that “I am delighted with the Inspection Report, published today. We have made substantial improvements since the Inspection in 2014 and it is reassuring that the Inspectors judged us as “excellent” – their top category – for Standards, Well-being and Attitudes to Learning. All staff and pupils work extremely hard, to ensure success – and it is fantastic that this has been identified and recognised in the recent Inspection.”

Posted on: April 15, 2019

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