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Comic Relief 2011

All pupils were encouraged to wear items of red clothing & red noses – some even dyed their hair red and Mr Hamer looked very comfortable wearing a shoulder length red wig!! The canteen staff took part by dressing in red and wearing Comic Relief noses. They also made Comic Relief cakes for dessert at lunchtime.
All tutor groups were given a Comic Relief Quiz containing phrases, sayings and things containing the colour Red e.g. To see red – Is to be annoyed. Other phrases to work out included A Red Rag to a Bull, Who uses a Red Box, The Red Devils and Red Rot. The tutor group winners were Years 6, 7, 8, 9 & 12a.
The Giant Easter Egg Raffle was won by Arun in Year 7 with Annabel in Yr 6 & Laina in Yr 9 winning other prizes.  We raised £180.00 which will be split between Comic Relief and Christies Hospital Cancer Charity.
Michael Ip in Year 12 experienced his first Comic Relief Day on Friday. He enjoyed the popularity of Red Nose Day and reported how students love to support this event because it gives them an opportunity to dress up in funny clothes, dye their hair red and break all school rules about uniform. Also, it is a great time for families to enjoy the uninterrupted comedy on the national television stations.
Michael interviewed Ms Brodzinska, one of our English Language teachers, for her opinions of our “Red Nose Day” support. “I am a supporter of this appeal and I am more than happy to give a hand to someone who is in need. The donation will help change the lives of people in third-world countries thereby making our fun day a meaningful day for somebody else”.
 She talked about her experiences in a number of volunteering roles last year and acknowledged the levels of effort to organise a successful fund-raising event.
Written by Arun Thirunavukarasu (Yr 7) & Michael Ip (Yr 12)

Posted on: March 22, 2011