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Churchill Charity Dance

Churchill House Charity event proved extremely successful. This evening of fun was a whole school event and invitations were cordially extended to all parents and staff. Pentennyn, a local folk band, hosted the evening’s proceedings; leading the festivities and playing some rip-roaring jigs and reels.                  

Under the expert guidance and tuition of Mr Bryn Peryddon Davies, dancers learnt dances of varying complexities, with great determination. The enthusiasm right from the first chords played and the first dance stepped was amazing –the roof was raised!

All parties had a wonderful time, spinning and skipping; girls danced with boys, parents with staff: most of those present suspended their disbelief, ‘had a go’….and had a really good time. Smiles, ever on faces; mild aerobic exercise, all served in a traditional way.

The evening raised £320 for that most worthy of local causes, Hope House. Many thanks to band members, students (especially to Seren Audley who coordinated volunteers and liaised with Hope House) and all staff involved in making things run so smoothly. Here’s to the next time!
Mr Nicholas Blandford

Posted on: December 14, 2015