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CCF Climbing Team Trip to Indefatigable

Last Saturday members of the CCF climbing team had planned to undertake an outdoor climb. It rained! After a lengthy discussion between me and SSI Tony Brown, who is a very experienced climber, it was agreed that it was too dangerous for cadets to climb outdoors. Plan B was put into action and we made our way over to Indefatigable Indoor Climbing Centre where we met the 30CTT.
The morning was spent bouldering and all pupils learnt new skills in addition to extending and improving the skills that they already have. Eluned Thomas attempted a particularly difficult climb; one that she had not attempted before. Unfortunately she had quite a nasty fall but it is to her credit that, after some first aid and sympathy from the climbing instructors, and some further advice on how to tackle the climb, she got straight back up and tried again.
The afternoon was then spent with the cadets being taught how to lead climb. This means that cadets were to plan the route, in pairs, and place protection into the wall where they felt it was required. All the cadets demonstrated magnificent ability within this area and all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Capt. Elaine Heywood Thomas

Posted on: May 9, 2012