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Carols in Local Hospital

Ruthin School Choir Sing Carols in Local Hospital
On the afternoon of Wednesday December 3rd members of the Chamber Choir travelled to Deeside Cottage Hospital to entertain the residents and staff.  In the pleasant surroundings of the hospital’s extensive day rooms, and with piano accompaniment, the choir sang a selection of well-known Christmas carols.  All the old favourites were there, some of which can be heard in the forthcoming Carol Service at St Peter’s Church, Ruthin on December 11th.   The residents enjoyed the afternoon and were very complimentary. Some of the residents insisted on contributing a donation to one of the school’s charities and this will be forwarded to Cancer Research UK.  After tea and the inevitable mince pies (rather good, actually, and much appreciated!), the choir made its way back to school with the drivers cruelly ignoring the plaintive cries emanating from the back of the minibuses for a visit to the local McDonalds! 

Posted on: December 8, 2014