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Cambridge & Oxford Offers – 2017

Congratulations to our 10 students who have achieved offers from Cambridge or Oxford this year:

Betty – Economics – Cambridge (Queen’s College)
Rayna – Economics – Cambridge (Emmanuel College)
Grant – Engineering – Cambridge (Trinity Hall)
Veronica – Mathematics – Cambridge (Trinity College)
Viki – Mathematics – Cambridge (Downing College)
Sophie – Mathematics – Cambridge (Newnham College)
Arun – Medicine – Cambridge (Corpus Christi College)
Lee – Natural Sciences – Cambridge (Churchill College)

Alice – Chemistry – Oxford (Open Application)
Samantha – Music – Oxford (Keble College)

This success is our best ever “Oxbridge result.” In our Upper Sixth we have 64 students applying to UK universities so 16% achieving offers to enter Cambridge or Oxford is a fantastic achievement.

Other top ranking universities (including Imperial, UCL, Warwick, Durham etc) continue to make offers to our students. The full list of current offers can be downloaded here.

T J Belfield

Posted on: January 15, 2017