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On Thursday 30th January 3 of our lower sixth students, Qiang Ha (Mark ), Jiani Li (Olivia ) and Ting Qu Zhou (Angela ) sat the round 2 paper of the British Olympiad. The paper they sit is a very challenging paper consisting of just 4 questions. They have 3.5 hrs to complete the challenge.   The reason they were able to take the round 2 paper was because they had done so well in a previous round of the Olympiad. Late in December they, along several other lower sixth students, sat Round 1 of the Olympiad.
Mark obtained a Gold medal, Olivia, a Silver medal and Angela, a Bronze medal. They also received a mathematical book as a prize. Only the top 100 students in the Round 1 of the Olympiad receive prizes and medals so it is a great achievement for our three students. They obtained distinction certificates as did the following Ziming Wang ( Arthur ), Anping Zhang (Thomas), Shuaihong Lin (Robin). 
This follows on from the success that the students had in the senior challenge which were reported on in December.
Mark, Olivia, Arthur and Xijia Hou (Stephen) are due to represent the school in the Senior Team Maths Challenge finals which are being held in London on Tuesday 4th February. We wish them all the best of luck. I know they have put in many hours of work researching the work for the competition.
The individual challenge competition for form 3, 4 and 5 is due to be taken on Thursday 6th February and we hope those taking part do well.
We shall report on these activities in the future.
The Mathematics Department

Posted on: January 30, 2014

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