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Boarding trip to Snowdonia

On Sunday 9th June, NJB took a trip to the wonderful, glacial valley where there are two wonderful waterfalls, streaming down from the high Carneddau ridge of Snowdonia. The valley bears much evidence of human habitation, and today the valley floor is thickly wooded with broadleaved trees, planted by the workers from the nearby Penrhyn estate. William Wordsworth visited here, and saw eight milkmaids at their work, mentioning this in his notebooks, as he paused beneath the impressive cataracts of water. Once, harvested for timber (alder was used by clogmakers,) now the trees have been allowed to mature, and the thick canopy is home to a proliferation to birds and insects.

A tremendous day out, with exhilarating views. You all must come next time!

Posted on: June 21, 2012