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Benefits of weekly boarding at Ruthin School

With a proud heritage dating back to 1284, we have always sought to offer the best opportunities to our students both academically and in life, which is why we are proud to offer weekly boarding at Ruthin School.

Boarding plays a key role in life for students at Ruthin School with over 200 students living on-site during term time.

While the thought of boarding may be daunting, there are a host of benefits to living at the school during term time.

A strong sense of community

Ruthin School has developed an excellent reputation as a welcoming and inclusive school, with a diverse population of students. There are over 23 countries represented at the school, including students from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Living in such a diverse community of like-minded students and friends is a privilege that our students don’t take lightly and it creates a bond between students that is seldom seen elsewhere, invoking a strong sense of community and inclusivity at the school.

More time with friends

Boarding at Ruthin School also helps our students develop socially. By living alongside their fellow students and friends, students are able to spend more time together and engage in more extracurricular activities in a safe environment. These experiences help each student to develop invaluable social skills that will stand them in good stead throughout their life.

Work and develop with like-minded friends

Our boarding students also have the opportunity to work together on a more regular basis. Collaborative learning has been proven to be beneficial to young students and it is something we encourage at the school. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional education within the classroom, whilst also creating a supportive environment that allows our students to thrive whilst working together, which enables them to improve their own academic performance and life skills.

Increase student independence

Students that board with us at Ruthin School also develop increased independence. Living away from home helps students develop a sense of independence.

Each boarding student is accommodated in one of four boarding houses located on the school grounds. Houseparents are supported by a daytime Housekeeper, a boarding assistant, graduate assistant and a team of teachers. This tightknit group adds to give each boarding house a sense of community.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding support for all of our students.

Remove the need to commute

Boarding students at Ruthin School also have the opportunity to be fully focused on their studies. The morning commute becomes a thing of the past and instead, students are set up for the day in the best way possible.

The lack of a commute combined with our outstanding educational and boarding facilities give the students the best platform to start their day and maximise every moment, whether it be in the classroom or participating in extracurricular activities.

Benefits of attending Ruthin School

Whilst we highly recommend boarding at Ruthin School due to the benefits we have outlined above, students who do not choose to board with us do not have a diminishing experience.

Ruthin School is recognised globally for its commitment to academic excellence and students who attend the school are able to gain entry to top university destinations all over the world as a result of the outstanding education they receive from the highly skilled staff at the school.

We are committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of our students is our top priority, with security on-site and access to registered nurses on the school grounds.

Contact us today to learn more about weekly boarding

If you are interested in securing a place at Ruthin School or would like to learn more about our boarding options and facilities our team will be happy to help.

We have a range of options available. Contact us today by emailing

Posted on: December 15, 2021

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