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A Level Results 2013

A Level
 This year, our biggest cohort ever (53 students) achieved excellent A Level results. They can now look forward to entering a range of top-ranking universities.

The key statistics:

19.3% of all grades were at A* (the national average is 7.6%.)
59.9% of all grades were at A* or A (the national average is 26.3%.)
80.7% of all grades were at A*, A or B.
Top student, Sophia Xu, achieved 4 A* and 1 A and is headed for Cambridge University to study Engineering.
Some of the top universities that have confirmed places include:
Cambridge (3 students)
Cardiff (2 students)
Durham (3 students)
Exeter (3 students)
Hong Kong University (1 student)
Imperial College (4 students)
King’s College (3 students)
Lancaster (1 student)
Loughborough (1 student)
Nottingham (2 students)
Reading (1 student)
Sheffield (1 student)
St Andrews (1 student)
UCL (1 student)
Warwick (2 students)
York (1 student)
This year sees an even greater range of courses being studied, including:
Economics, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Education, Philosophy, Mathematics, Computer Science, Dentistry, Chemistry Engineering, Biomedical Science, Law, International Relations and Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).
AS Level
The AS Level results were Ruthin School’s best ever. 59 students took AS Levels in the Lower Sixth – and the results were amazing.
Many (over 25%) achieved the equivalent of over 90% in all their subjects. Jayci Liu was our first student to achieve 600/600 in the full A Level Mathematics (with 100% achieved in all 6 modules) – but several others achieved over 590/600 in the same examination.
It is estimated that next year will see a large number of students apply to gain entry to Cambridge or Oxford (15-20).
Congratulations to all A Level and AS Level students – well done!

Posted on: August 17, 2013

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