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A Level League Tables – now available

The Independent Schools Council (ISC) has published the official table of A Level results for 2012. This table is used by newspapers and other media organisations to create a range of “rankings” for Independent Schools.

Two very exciting statistics are made clear from the table:

1. Ruthin School is the best school in Wales for A Level results (based on points per candidate)

2. Ruthin School is the second best boarding school in the UK (based on points per candidate)

Ruthin School’s position in the various newspapers/tables is as follows:

%A*/A for all UK Schools – The Daily Telegraph

2012 position = 48 (2011 position = 86)

%A*/A for all Coeducational Schools – The Times

2012 position = 18 (2011 position = 31)

Points per Candidate for all UK Schools – ISC Table

2012 position = 2 (2011 position = 16)

A copy of the official table showing all schools, sorted by Points per Candidate, can be found by clicking here

For a table of Ruthin School’s historial league table information, showing its rapid rise to the top of the league tables (including the above information), please click here.

Congratulations to all staff and pupils for working hard to achieve these outstanding results.

T J Belfield

Posted on: August 25, 2012