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A Level League Tables are published

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This year Ruthin School has had great success achieving its best ever results. Its position in the league tables  climbed from 382 in 2007 to 107 in 2010. These tables are published by ISC (The Independent Schools’ Council) and the data is used in various newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph and The TImes.

The Daily Telegraph published Ruthin School’s ranking as 107. This is the School’s position when compared to over 500 Independent Schools (of all type, including Coeducational, Boys only and Girls only) but it excludes the small schools (those with fewer than 25 candidates).

The Times published Ruthin School’s ranking as 49 within the Cooeducational school section.

Both The Daily Telegraph and The Times calculate ranking by looking at the % A*-A achieved from all possible grades. Previous league tables looked at %A-B, so this year the rankings are much more competitve.

Ruthin School did particularly well this year in the percentage of A* achieved from all possible grades – and for this, it was ranked 15 by the ISC.

To gain an A* you need to achieve over 90% in the harder second-year modules.

It is particularly encouraging that this year’s AS Level results – an indicator for next year’s ranking – are even stronger than last year’s and it is likely that Ruthin School will further rise up the league tables.

T J Belfield 




Posted on: August 29, 2010