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A Level and AS Level Results – 2010

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A Level 

This year sees Ruthin School’s best ever A Level results with the percentage of A* to B grades jumping by 10% (to 74.1%). Several students gained the new A* in a number of subjects. 34.4% of all grades were A* (the national figure being 7%). This grade is awarded to students that achieve over 90% in their A2 modules and is particularly difficult to obtain.
Notable successes are as follows:
Saakar Byahut 5 A* (Ma, Fm, Fma, Ph, Ch)       Cambridge (Natural Sciences)
Bill Zhang        4 A* (Ma, Fm, Ph, Ch)                Cambridge (Mathematics)
Ryan Chau      3 A* (Ma, Fm, Ph) 1 A (Ch)          Bristol (Mech Engineering)
Tina Nguyen    3 A* (Ma, Fm, Ps) 1 A (Ec)        LSE (Economics & Philosophy)
Chau Vo          3 A* (Ma, Ch, Bi)                       Cambridge (Natural Sciences)
Cynthia Zou     2 A* (Ma, Fm) 2 A (Ph, Ch)          Warwick (Maths & Statistics)
Vivian Lin      2 A* (Ma, Fm) 1 A (Ph), 1 B (Ch)  Imperial College (Elec Enging)
Chi Nguyen     2 A* (Ma, Fm) 1 A (Ch), 1 B (Ec)   York (Chemistry)
Charlotte Tao   2 A* (Ma, Fm) 1 A (Ec) 1 B (Hi)     UCL (Economics)
Trang Nguyen  2 A* (Ma, Fm) 1 A (Ph)               King’s College, London (Law)
Sampada KC   1 A* (Ma) 3 A (Fm, Ec, Hi)          GAP YEAR
Viet Nguyen     1 A* (Ma) 3 A (Fm, Ph, Ec)           UCL (Economics)
Mona Belaid    1 A* (Fr) 2 A (Ma, Ch) 1 B (Bi) 1 C (Ph)  Nottingham (Pharmacy)
Britta Tarvis     1 A* (Hi) 2 A (Fr, En)                 Cambridge (English Literature)
Alicia Chau      3 A (Ma, Bi, Ch) 1 B (Ec)             Warwick (Economics)
Further Mathematics results are particularly impressive – (83.3% at A* and 100% at A*-A)
AS Level
Like last year, the AS Results are exceptional with a number of students gaining full marks in their modules across a number of subjects.
Top achieving students are: 
Nhan Dao            4 A* (Ma, Fm, Ec, Ph)
Helen Meng         4 A* (Ma, Fm,Ch, Ph)
Julieta Miranda    4 A* (Ma, Fm, Ec, Ph)
Martin Wu           4 A* (Ma, Fm, Ch, Ph)
Antoine Zhang     4 A* (Ma, Fm, Ch, Ph)
Daniel Law          3 A* (Ma, Fm, Ph) 2 A (Bi, Ch)
Trang Le              2 A* (Ma, Fm) 2 A (Ec, Ph)
Cathy Lu             2 A* (Ma, Fm) 2 A (Ec, Ph)
Linh Nguyen        2 A* (Ma, Fm) 2 A (Ec, Ph)
Jasmine Ta          2 A* (Ma, Fm) 2 A (Ec, Lw)
Samuel Kwok      1 A* (Ma) 3 A (Ch, Ec, Ph)
Phoebe Lee         2 A* (Ma, Fm) 1 A (Mu) 1 C (Ph)
Cinzia Chung       3 A (Ma, Ec, Lw)
Enid Meng           2 A* (Ma, Fm) 2 B (Ec, Ph)
Ji Tian                 2 A* (Ma, Fm) 1 B (Ec) 1 C (Ph)
Joseph Kim         1 A* (Ma) 1 A (Fm) 1 B (Ec) 1 C (Ch)
Poupee Lam        1 A* (Ma) 1 A (Fm) 1 B (Ch) 1 C (Bi)
Sherley Huynh     2 A (Ma, Fm) 1 B (Ec)
Jessie Cheng       1 A (Ma) 3 B (Bi, Ch, Ec)
Joyce Fong          1 A (Ma) 1 B (Ec) 1 C (Gg)

A* = 90%-100% A = 80%=89%   B = 70% – 79% C = 60% – 69%

The best result at AS was achieved by Antoine Zhang who achieved 599/600 for his six Maths/F Maths modules.
Congratulations to all students who received their A/AS Level results this year.

Posted on: August 19, 2010

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