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6th Form International Rugby Team Win

On Wednesday Ruthin undertook their first Rugby sevens match of the season when the 1st team played two teams from Kings School in Chester. The team first touched a Rugby ball on Monday so it was going to be a uphill task. The team consisted of Khalaf (Jordanian), Artem (Russian), Kai (German), Daniil (Ukraine), Nidal (Moroccan), Azat (Khazakstan), Ashley BB (Welsh), Jordan (Welsh), Luke (Welsh), Ru (Welsh) and Tom (Welsh). This must have been the most International rugby team in the world. The team played magnificently winning both games against teams that have played in a seven’s tournaments all year. Tries were scored by Khalaf, Artem, Jordan and Azat with the winning scores of 19-14 and 19-12. All the team played above our expectations and hopefully this will give them encouragement to play in the future. Special mention must go to Jordan who was the only person to have played Rugby outside school. He encouraged and led by example.

Posted on: March 21, 2011