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2011 Examination Results

A Level Results
This year’s cohort of 30 students in Upper Sixth achieved outstanding results with the percentage of A* and A grades at 61% and the A* to B grades jumping by nearly 10% to 83%. Just under 30% of all grades were at A* level.
These results show the continued academic success of the School. University offers have been highly competitive this year, but all students have achieved the grades to gain entry to their chosen courses.
Students now tend to apply for the top ranking universities, which require high grades. This year 5 students gained entry to Oxford and Cambridge. These top students (Martin, Antoine, Fanfan, Julieta and Nhan) have all gained at least 3 A* grades at A Level.
National Rankings
Ruthin School appears in several league tables this year. Impressively, it is ranked 4th when considering the number of points achieved per candidate, out of all coeducational boarding schools in the UK.
When considering just A* and A grades, Ruthin School is ranked 31st (as published by the Times Newspaper).
AS Level Results
Students in Lower Sixth achieved very impressive results at AS Level. Based on these results, we expect Ruthin School to further improve on its national ranking next year.
University applications are now starting for the Lower Sixth. Over half the group will apply to either Oxford or Cambridge, and over 90% of students will apply to a university ranked in the top 10 in the world.
GCSE Results
This year the School saw a substantial improvement in its GCSE results. The percentage of A* grades achieved more than doubled, and the percentage A*or A grades rose to nearly 40%.
Tamiza was the top GCSE student, achieveing 8 A* and 4 A grades. She aspires to go to Cambridge University to read English Literature, in a couple of year time.
Congratulations to all students on this excellent academic performance.
T J Belfield

Posted on: September 1, 2011

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