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Ruthin School is proud to be associated with a variety of recognised national organisations to ensure we maintain the highest standards which are synonymous with the school.

You can learn more about the bodies and organisations we are affiliated with below:

The Society of Heads

The Society of Heads is a welcoming community of independent schools that want to share ideas and experiences. The main purpose is to help provide appropriate curriculums that foster key attributes in students. What makes this society progressive? The combination of traditional qualities and modern educational theory is the foundation upon which this society is led. At Ruthin, it is our duty to prepare students for whatever they may face in life and this sense of duty is shared by The Society of Heads and its members.

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Independent Schools’ Bursars Association

ISBA’s services are designed to assist school staff with successful administrative, financial and operational management of their schools. Hundreds of bursars and senior managers benefit from their specialist advice through online reference libraries, forums, over the phone or in person, at regional group meetings or professional development events.

They also work closely with advisers for independent schools so that member schools have access to the best information available.

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Boarding Schools Association

The BSA is a leading organisation that focuses on providing training for boarding staff, whilst also enhancing the reputation of boarding education.

Ruthin is proud to be a member school, joining schools across 37 countries that are supported by BSA.

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AGBIS actively provides support for governing bodies and schools that operate within the independent sector, operating under the umbrella of the Independent Schools Council.

By providing invaluable advice, AGBIS aims to advance the education provided within independent schools whilst also ensuring each independent school is governed appropriately.

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Welsh Independent Schools Council

We are extremely proud to be one of the best performing independent schools in Wales and indeed the wider UK. As a Welsh independent school, we are grateful for the support and guidance that The Welsh Independent Schools Council (WISC) provides.

WISC has a multitude of functions that include but are not limited to;

  • Communicating, informing and negotiating with the Welsh Assembly Government in addition to Westminster MPs
  • Lobbying and negotiating with education officials on detailed policy issues
  • Advising member schools and their governing bodies on applicable educational developments and legislation

You can learn more about the organisation by clicking here.

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British Boarding Schools Network (BBSN)

BBSN provides support to boarding schools across the UK including Ruthin School, enabling us to recruit students from a diverse range of countries. Their trusted educational agents ensure families find the right British school for their children and are responsible for successfully placing thousands of students in member schools such as Ruthin School each year.

They collate, organise and curate accurate and relevant information about each member school, facilitating connections that can be made between families and schools and enabling relationships to be built.

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The Association for Admissions, Marketing and Communications in Independent Schools (AMCIS) has over 500 member schools in the UK. The organisation offers advice, training, professional development and a range of events that are available to its members’ schools, helping them grow their network, enhance best practices in addition to providing each member school with invaluable support.

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The Safeguarding and Child Protection Association (SACPA) champions excellence in safeguarding and child protection. They provide a voice to those who seek a channel to Government and other agencies in the UK.

SACPA support the wellbeing of children by providing a variety of services including:

  • CPD and training
  • Information
  • Advice, consultancy, policy and compliance support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Resource and policy hub
  • Newsletters and an online forum
  • Government and key stakeholder representation.

You can learn more about the organisation by clicking here.


As the only independent and accredited body in the UK for guardianship organisations, AEGIS offers the industry-standard inspection process.

Having been founded nearly three decades ago, AEGIS continue to promote universally high standards in guardianship, ensuring the welfare and education of students studying in the UK is maintained at the highest level.

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