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Entrance Examinations


Our pupils tend to be extremely able academically and are keen to learn and expand their horizons. We provide them with the framework to stretch themselves to achieve exceptional academic results. Despite this, Ruthin is a gentle school that prepares its pupils to face the challenges of the changing world beyond the school gates. It focuses heavily on encouraging friendships and building self-confidence in all its pupils that will last them a lifetime.

“All pupils are valued.”

The School has a selective entry so that pupils are able to cope with our high level of academic education. Of course, school life includes more than just academics and, with a full range of co-curricular activities, our pupils can enjoy many opportunities outside the classroom. A world-class education challenges pupils in all areas of their development: academic, social, and physical.

The pupils at Ruthin flourish in an environment which respects them as individuals and endeavours to develop the best aspects of each one. For most pupils, the goal is entry to a top-ranking university, but all of our pupils can enjoy education in its wider sense with all that there is on offer.