A Level

Sixth Form pupils are prepared for University entrance.

The School offers a range of AS and A level courses. Pupils are required to have gained at least a Grade B (or equivalent) in GCSE in each of their chosen subjects before embarking on the AS Level course. Most pupils undertake 4 AS levels, some tackle 5 others 3; the number is sometimes reduced in Upper Sixth.

Pupils choose their AS and A2 levels from Art, Biology, Chemistry, Classical Civilization, Computer Studies (AS only), Economics, English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Physics and Spanish.

An enrichment programme takes place each week, where pupils can enjoy non-examination subjects.

Each pupil is formally tested in their AS or A2 subject under examination conditions every fortnight (on a Saturday morning). This provides a good preparation for formal external examinations and enables parents and teachers to monitor their progress continually.

Particularly gifted pupils are selected to be part of a small group for entrance to top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and specialist courses, including Law and Medicine. These students are given additional lessons and support to enable them to have the best chance of achieving top module scores and to develop the necessary academic interview skills.