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Lower 6 Geography Coast Trip

Hot Chocolate Beat The Elements

On a very cold and windy last day of term in February, the Geography department took the Lower 6 Geographers to the North Wales coast to pull together the theory they have learnt during their coast topic.
Since Mrs Kenworthy was going Mr Rimmer was very concerned that it would rain but luckily it didn’t. Pupils visited Talacre, Prestatyn and Towyn during the morning to investigate coastal processes.
Pupils looked at the impacts and responses to coast flooding and the management strategies imposed to prevent future devastation. The process of longshore drift was studied closely with the spit at Talacre being at the end, with its salt marsh. The group also investigated how a sand dune formed and its succession through its stages.
Pupils enjoyed a much needed hot chocolate to warm up after being out in the elements and some even managed a full English breakfast!
Our next excursion should be a little warmer at Eon PowerStation, Connahs Quay.
Posted on : Feb 29, 2012

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