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“All pupils are valued.”

Ruthin is a very special school. It is small enough to allow all staff to know all the pupils, whether they teach them or not. The staff are highly committed to the aims and ethos of the School, dedicated to developing the full potential of all. We are committed to focusing on the individual and allowing pupils to grow in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

The School has a non-selective entry but achieves a great deal. The Independent Schools' Inspectorate report was very favourable and commented most positively on not only the academic achievements, but also the demeanour and positive attitude of the pupils. School can be and should be a happy place.

The pupils at Ruthin flourish in an environment which respects them as individuals and endeavours to develop all aspects of each one. In these days of League Tables it is tempting to focus on academic life at the expense of other important aspects. At Ruthin we shall always be committed to education in the widest sense.

Toby J Belfield

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